Adaptive online learning services for High schools, ICSE, CBSE students.
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Offerings from Sahachara

Our vision lays path for our actions and our products. We are building innovative products for you. We are using the right tools to deliver the envisaged services.Our forthcoming offering is a productised service that focuses on the adaptive Learning of student, rather than plain teaching.

The product focuses on reducing the dependency on the external assistance such as coaching, tutoring while enhancing he self learning and self exploratory attitude in student.
With the blend of time tested proven methodology with cutting edge delivery mechanism, this set of services binds together school, parents and the academic contents to provide seamless exciting experience for the student.
For Students, our services start where the school ends theirs. We align our product to that of school so that the students get seamless experience and Parents see reduced dependencies on themselves as well as external helps.
For schools to save time and efforts that of the teachers, helps parents in getting insights of their child’s studies, learning and keep them motivated.
For parents it’s like a handy tool for parents to help their kids in learning and making this to be a rewarding and motivating journey, while saving on the extra expenses. We make sure the best of the breed content is made available to the students so as to retain their interests, improve learning ability.
Our objective is to put the technology to delivers our services with you at the control. To keep yourself updated about the products, please subscribe to our newsletter.

For Parents

We are using the same old, time tested principles of education that you and we have already used. Albeit the delivery mechanism is ultra modern, approach is easy on parents as well as students. Methodology is such that study is aligned to the schools and of course your expectations.Take a Survey

The continuous feedback mechanism.
Ultra modern delivery mechanism.
Reducing the dependency on tuitions.
Use of modern, updated content.
Adaptive learning for the children.
Focus on writing
Saving the cost while reaping the benifits of tuitions as well as digital content.

For Students

Children are the focal point for the success of this product. They are the ones who are going to use this product. We are trying to make the study simpler for them. No running around for the tuitions and books, etc. IT’s a one stop study desk for students featuring

Alignedment to the school, so no additional
Adaptive learning
One stop study desk
Digital, easy content for you to access
Contineous feedback
Understand your strong as well as weak points.
Study at your pace.
Manage your study timetable.

For School

The schools are pressed for time and are under high expectations from parents. This all with they don’t have control over the child’s study at home, the teaching at school has to be adaptive to all the students. But here with Sahachara we are trying to bring in a simple approach and Methodology that will ease out the school’s situation.

Adaptive teaching for students.
Saving 10-25% of teachers time.
Ultra modern delivery mechanism.
Content and study aligned to school.
Aligned study material to the student.
No additional cost burden to schools.
Interface to the school it systems, as required.
Aligned to the school specific edu board.

About Us

We are a group of enthusiastic day-dreamers, technocrats, educationalists and parents. Sahachara is the thread that binds us together and keeps motivated. We as a group bring in rich experience in this venture that includes not only the IT services also but product development, Research, deep acumen in child’s education as well schools. The reason or the key motivation behind having this start-up in the field of education since this domain, child’s education, is very close heart for every parent, including ours. Though we, as parents, have been there and done that, still find ourselves at crossroads when it comes to choosing the right service available in the market based on offered tools, approaches, methodologies. Similar is the case with the schools. With the advancement in technology, delivery mechanisms, schools find themselves grappling for right service or content partner. These are the problem statements that keeps us, as a group, bound together and challenged.

While we are trying to bridge these gaps, we do not want to be just another service provider to TEACH the children. That’s the schools who are doing it at their best. But we are here to make things better when it comes to learning of the children. In fact we are not here to teach. We are here to enable the children to achieve more.

Our Vision

Sahachara has a vision. vision for you and your child. Our vision is to bring the focus back on enablement of the children rather than just empowering them. Enable them to achieve more in their academics by

Introduce a methodology which is time tested, proven and we as parents know it works.
Providing the environment and tools to promote self-exploration.
Promote the methodology which would elevate the students from their current levels in academics to the higher levels.
Transform the way in which education is delivered and accepted by the children.
Focusing on the Adaptive Learning and Adaptive Teaching.

If you believe in us, you will find that it is a different view altogether which will change your perception and point of view looking at online education.

The team behind Sahachara

The service delivery channel

The world calls it the IT infrastructure. But for us it’s the service delivery mechanism and of course that is crucial for us. We are the team of IT veterans who knows this channel better than anyone else. The team is led by seasoned solution architects and the technical architects. They are supported by the big bunch of nerds, we swear by them. The entire team, in unison with our vision, making all possible.

The Educationalists

The name sounds serious, old fashioned and boring but we mean it. Your child’s success is our business and we take it very seriously. The entire product, methodology, service delivery mechanism is directed by the ‘A team’ of eminent educationists. This panel of seasoned educationalists have been monitoring the ever-changing scene of Indian education in last decades. A they rightly say, “education is not about teaching, education is all about learning”

Parents Association

This is the groups of parents whom we want to impress with our offering. For us this group is a big motivation as well as challenge. Continuous interactions with them helps in making our product more meaningful, stronger and relevant. This helped the product to evolve from ground to the current levels. This team of parents is coming from various strata of society and geographical locations.

The Partners

We strive hard, as usual, to get best for you. We have been on lookout for the perfect partners since day one. We have partnered with proven players, may them be individuals OR a company, to get the best of the for us. So that we can offer best to you. We take pain to identify, train, Mentor the partners to as to make the partnership fruitful to both.

Why not join us?

We are on constant lookout for passionate and energetic individuals to join our family at Sahachara. We need those individuals who can bring in value to our start-up. As part of our team development we want to consider profiles as mentioned below. If you believe you are the one, join with us on

Sahachara is an ideal place for self-driven employees. This is a great opportunity to grow much more than anywhere else because we’re constantly developing cutting edge technologies to unite the social market. The positions listed below could have options of ‘Work from Home’ Please send your profile to, please mention the role in the subject.


We require those teachers who can bring improvement and success in academic, curriculum designers, non-multimedia, and content development. A qualified housewife with some teaching experience can apply for the job.


For the post of Educational Research analyst we need those individuals who can do research on all types of educational content, academic as well as non-academic.


We have many and we are looking for many. As part of the continuous improvement, we are always updating our product, and so we are looking for expanding our team at all levels. Why not join the gang?

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